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*Note: Prices are written in Swedish currency. You can use the website https://www.valuta.se to see different exchange rates.

Website Simple + Subscription:

Website Complete:

9500 SEK one-time fee + 100 SEK/month for webhosting

19'000 SEK one-time fee. Everything included + webhosting 

 Custom design  Custom design
 Development & programming  Development & programming
 Responsive/mobile design  Responsive/mobile design
 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
 Launch  Launch
 Lifetime server/Webhosting  Lifetime server/Webhosting. Read more
 Free customer support every weekday  Free customer support every weekday
 Automatic updates  Automatic updates
 Operation monitoring for interference  Operation monitoring for interference



Domain name:

400 SEK / Year

If you don't already have an existing domain name and wish to have this to your website, we can help you!

There are a range of variety out there, such as .se, .com, .nu, .org, just to mention a few. Let us know if you need one during the creation of your website. 


2000 SEK

Creation of logo according to your wishes for your website. If you are interested in having a logo, we can create this for you. Contact us and we can discuss further.

Blog / Social Media:

6000 SEK

If you are in the need of a blog or want to start blogging, we can help you with this. We design a website and setup a blog that will fits you. We also help and guide you so you can benefit the most out of social media. Contact us and we will help you.


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