Video Extras

We are looking for dedicated extras to ramp up our video production for EXCE VIDEO.

As an extra, you will be required to participate in recording sessions on scheduled times. These scheduled sessions will be held a couple of times per week.


  • Good communication skills.
  • Good experience within games & video.
  • The ability to keep going for hours and still with a good mood.
  • An Xbox LIVE and/or Steam/Origin account. (This will be necessary as we will record videos within this areas.) 


Feel free to announce your interest by clicking the "Apply Now" button below. To this application, please include a personal letter in English. (Tell us something about yourself, what you can do, your full name and age. The basics so to say.)


This opportunity is open for everyone.

Send your application with the button below. Use the subject line “Video Extras” in your application.

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