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Q: What is EXCE?

A: EXCE is a small group of people who have experience within the gaming and web industry. With all these experience behind us, we're trying to create great content out of it. Simply, we are people who have come together and just doing what we love. Along with this we are trying to create a brand and make EXCE even bigger.

Q: What exactly are you guys doing?

A: We currently have two ongoing project, EXCE VIDEO, where we are creating great videos out of already existing games. We love to play video games, and therefore we wanted to share our vision and how we play games. We also working with a web project, where we offer unique and good looking websites, communities and forums for you, your company or organisation.

Q: What does EXCE stand for?

A: The word EXCE™ (which is an abbreviation) stands for Excessive Creative Entertainment.

Q: Where is your office located?

A: We don't really have an office, more likely a web "office", which is this website. As we are an small team we don't see this as a priority at this moment and we don't really need one. Our goals is of course to grow EXCE and our projects much bigger and better and hopefully one day, we will need an office (which on the other hand would be really awesome and cool!). But at the moment, we use the world wide web to communicate and share our thoughts and ideas.

Q: Can I find you on social medias?

A: Of course! EXCE is also on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. You can get in touch with us everywhere! Some of our projects such as EXCE VIDEO is also available on social medias. You can find us by using the tag @ExcCreEnt.

More FAQs will come over time.

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