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At EXCE (Excessive Creative Entertainment), we strive to deliver experiences in world-class. We are a team where we all share the passion to create something extraordinary with our focus on web & video. For us, creativity is not a skill with any individual as much as a mindset. By exercising a flat hierarchy and nurturing an attentive design process, we listen to all the crazy ideas thrown around us and the community. We believe there is no better place to grow professionally, find new friends, and kick back after a hard day’s work. EXCE is an growing project with experiences in web & video and we offer services and content within this area.

Take a look around or even better, join our team and make EXCE even bigger! If you are only interested in our latest news, check out the news feed below.




25 Dec 2017

In an effort to ramp up our video production for EXCE Video, we are looking for dedicated video editors who can create great video content. Feel free to announce your interest to jobs@exce.se or post any questions you might have to our community or here. To this application, please include a personal letter in English. You can read more [...]

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