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Welcome to EXCE Web Creations. We are a Swedish new started web agency with focus on you and your needs to a new website. We help private persons and companies to create and develop unique websites that stands out to your customers.

We are really exciting about this project and we can't wait to launch your website today!


Get to know the project

Design, web development, hosting and service. We help you build a website that captures your customers interests. With personal contact and advice, we take you all the way from sketch and design to a finished website quickly and cost-effectively. 

The introduction of a project always starts with the fact that we go through the solutions and impressions you wish to highlight for your company. Then we shape the outcome of your need, and then, always to your indulgence. All building blocks are always in close contact with you and you can continuously comment and views that arose during the course of the project.

Your website is just like a shop that is always open. We customize it to be stylish, mobile and designed to attract customers and more visitors. It's the best marketing available for money!


A selection of references

See some websites that we have developed:

Kakelhuset Sverige - This customer was in need of a user friendly website to allow their customer to find the info they need.


Byggkanonen - They needed a good looking website to attract customers to their building services.


Skärshults Camping - They needed a website so people could find information and a simple booking system for their camping site.


Christoffers Allservice - Their already existing website needed some improvements and a new design.


What we can offer you

Website Simple:

7995kr (862.36 USD)

Website Complete:

10'000kr (1078.62 USD)

Custom design Custom design
Development & programming Development & programming
Responsive/mobile design Responsive/mobile design
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Basic safety measures Basic safety measures
Launch Launch
Lifetime server Lifetime server
Backups of the site every month Backups of the site every month
Free customer support every weekday Free customer support every weekday
Automatic updates Automatic updates
1h free service every month 1h free service every month
Operation monitoring for interference Operation monitoring for interference


2000kr (214.45 USD)

Creation of logo according to your wishes. If you are interested in having a logo, we can create this for you. Contact us and we can discuss further.


5000kr (536.12 USD)

If you are in the need of a blog or want to start blogging, we can help you with this. We develop a website and setup a blog that will fits you. Contact us and we will help you.

Search engine optimization of your website

It's not coincidence that decided who's highest on Google. There is also no connection between the company's size, number of employees, turnover or other parameters. The ranking you have on Google is completely linked to how your website is understood by the search engines like Google and Yahoo. How well the site ranks on google is directly linked to how well the website speaks the language the search engines understand.

How well the site ranks on google is directly linked to how well the website speaks the language the search engines understand.

The result that SEO or search engine optimization will bring is increased visibility and exposure on Google, leading to more visitors, more traffic and more customers. The purpose is simple: generate more customers and desirable activities. Google is today the most significant search engine and over 90% of all online searches are done with Google as a search engine. That's why we focus most on our search engine optimization generating visibility on Google.

With EXCE Web Creations as a digital marketing partner, you can be confident in the knowledge that we know the latest trends and value your company's performance on Google first. We work with search engine optimization worldwide.

Bildresultat f√ɬÉ√ā¬∂r website design


Now it's time to get more customers!

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*We can answer questions written in both English and Swedish languages.

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