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EXCE Logotype

There are different versions of the Excessive Creative Entertainment logo. Feel free to use these but DO NOT CHANGE THE LOGO OR STEAL IT (We will take actions if this happens). Check below for the correct versions.

Blue version (Medium)
Orange Red Version (Medium)
White Version (Medium)
Grey Version (Medium)
*EXCE Classic First Logo! (No longer in use)


Grey avatar icon Blue avatar icon Red avatar icon


Colors, Design & Typography

All of the above logos will be used on different spots. Exampel, if the background is light then the blue, red or grey versions of our logo will be used and if the background is dark then the white versions will be used.

Letter E of the word "EXCE" will always have a either blue or red background and the corners will always be rounded. The logo can also be used without any background behind the "E". If so, the entire logo will be only simpel white or grey. The EXCE logo will always be horizontal and the "E" of the word "EXCE" can also be used as a separate icon and avatar.

Our logo text will always be written in Arial Helvetica Sans-serif Bold with either gray, black or plain white as color. The two "E" will always have a shape downwards on the middle line of the letter E (it will look like a cut), and there will be a 1px thick line through every letter of the word "EXCE". The logo colors will always be blue/grey, red/black and/or white as these are our colors. See below for exact HEX codes. 

Blue Logo Icon: HEX #3C5771 (Darkslateblue) Blue Logo Text: HEX #3D3D3D (Darkslategray)
Orange Red Logo Icon: HEX #DD4F3B (Indianred) Red Logo Text: HEX #242424 (Darkslategray)
White Logo: HEX #FFFFFF (White)  Grey Logo: HEX #7A7A7A (Gray)


We have also a few high resolution wallpapers for you to use as your desktop background. You can download any of the following versions:



The video project EXCE VIDEO have two versions of the logo. The only difference is that the "Normal" version do not have the light up glow effect around the logo as the "Glow" version have. Please read the following usage to make sure you are using the appropriate version.

Normal horizontal version Glow horizontal version


Colors, Design & Typography

The Normal version can be placed everywhere, and the Glow version should only be placed on darker backgrounds. If the background is really dark, the logo can also be entirely white.

The word "EXCE VIDEO" is written in Kozuka Gothic Bold and will only be written in Kozuka Gothic Bold.

These two versions of the logo is in horizontal format and should have some blank space around it. It will always go a 1px white line through the entire logo except on the "Play Button" icon. Please note that the logo have a two colored gradient. Below, you will find exact HEX color codes for the logo.

The word "EXCE": HEX #636060 (Dimgray)  HEX #3D3D3D (Darkslategray)
The word "VIDEO": HEX #CC7D4C (Peru) HEX #C75114 (Chocolate)
The Glow Effect: HEX #FFFFFF (White)    

You can download EXCE VIDEO wallpapers for your desktop or phone background as well. At the moment, we can offer three high resolution wallpapers for you to use:




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