Level Designer

EXCE is looking for talented, experienced game designers to help craft the experience on our current game project, Hostiles.   


  • Years of experience within game design.
  • Interest in and understanding of architecture, lighting, texturing, and other elements that are required to create aesthetically pleasing 3D levels.
  • Understanding of contemporary 3D first-person engine technologies and editing tools.
  • Understanding of and desire to create first-person shooter gameplay.
  • High degree of creativity, enthusiasm, and passion.
  • Ability to use basic programming or scripting tools. (Java)
  • Ability to work and contribute effectively in a team environment or alone.
  • Ability to meet deadlines.
  • Good communication skills.



Please remember to include video, screenshots, or saved games for levels that you created in the past. Game-design documents, writing samples, etc. Something from your creative work.


This opportunity is open for everyone.

Apply now

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